Malaika Natural Hair Follicles was founded by Angela Davis B.A. (Hons). The business idea was established in the UK in 2013 in response to the difficulty and frustration Angela experienced in trying to find a natural and organic hair care range.

After extensive research and testing Angela was able to identify and source a range of natural and organic products that worked remarkably well. After using the products she noticed instant results and was able to easily maintain healthy, natural and radiant hair.

Not only were the products providing nourishment to her previously chemically damaged hair they also restructured, rejuvenated, energised, and provided hydration to hair follicles as well as anti-frizz benefits. In addition, the natural formula provided protective hair care that helps to purify the hair follicles and help stop breakage.

Malaika Natural Hair Follicles areĀ proud UK distributors in natural hair care products and ship to all destinations within the UK Europe, and overseas.


The vision of the Malaika Natural Hair is to embrace and empower our customers with natural hair.

Malaika Natural Hair Follicles aim is to provide customer satisfaction, based on understanding customers natural hair care wants and needs. The business ethics is to equip the customer with a complete program of carefully sourced cleansing and natural treatment hair care for all hair types. The ingredients are all natural and a majority of the products are sourced locally.

Mission Statement

Malaika Natural Hair Follicles prime responsibility is to continually maintain customersā€™ satisfaction whilst achieving a spirit of excellence at all times.