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We are UK online distributors in Natural and Organic hair care products based in the UK.

Malaika Natural hair is dedicated to providing natural hair care information, promote natural products and supplying brands such as FroSister, Fountain, Organic Blend, and Share My Haven and much more.

Specialising in Afro hair, kinky mixed curly hair textures. Products are handmade using the finest Organic natural ingredients, SULPHATE, PARABENS, COLORANTS, SILICONES, ALLERGEN and FRAGRANCE FREE. Cold pressed coconut oil, 100% Organic Argan Oil from Morocco, Shea butter from Ghana West Africa, Black Castor oil from Jamaica, Macadamia Nut oil and Jojoba Oil.

Natural oils like Castor Oil, which is one of the best hair growth serum help make your eyebrow and lash hair grow thicker and faster.

Not only do the natural products provide nourishment to your dry and dehydrated hair, your hair will feel and look thicken, energised hydrated, stronger and longer. Fill in those bald patches, add body to thin, lifeless hair, renew missing edges, and eliminate frizzy, split ends. In addition, the natural formulas provide protective hair care that helps to purify the hair follicles and help stop breakage.

The process of going natural can be quite daunting understanding your own hair type and using natural ingredients is key to healthy hair. If your hair is damaged and prone to frizzing (High Porosity), you need to protect your hair if it feels dry fragile and prone to breakage (Please go to our Blog page under Hair Type for further details on What is Hair Porosity?) http://malaikanaturalhair.com/blog/

Embrace your Textured Hair!